Affordable & Reliable Root Canal Therapy

Feeling toothache or hot/cold sensations while having meals? Experiencing a cavity in your tooth?

We are there to cure your pain and discomfort!

Alliance Dental Clinic offers the best Root Canal treatment with quality care, comfort, and convenience. Root canal therapy is an effective way to treat an infected tooth without tooth extraction. Our specialist dentists provide our clients with exceptional services and satisfactory outcomes. Choose Alliance as your dental service provider in Milton, Ontario.

Visit our family dentist clinic in Milton and avail the best emergency services you need.

Root Canal therapy is a standard procedure to treat bacterial infections of the sensitive inner pulp tissue, which comprises blood vessels and nerve fibers. If you are experiencing symptoms like toothache, pain, tenderness, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, seek medical attention and treatment immediately.

The procedure is not painful as it saves a tooth that might otherwise have to be obliterated. But as everything needs precautions, patients must avoid alcohol and tobacco for 24 hours before the procedure.

Specialized Endodontics family dentistry clinic is located in Milton for this procedure, and appointments typically cover mainly root canals.

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