Difference Between Orthodontics and Regular Dentistry

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Most people get confused while talking about orthodontics and regular dentistry, but after knowing what orthodontics is, it becomes very easy to differentiate between these terms. Though both procedures are carried out by qualified doctors who deal with their patient’s teeth, there are still several differences between them. Even if orthodontics and normal dentistry deal with similar issues of the teeth but the difference in their methods makes them different.


Normal Dentistry

You might have gone to your dentist several times a year to treat any dental problems, including cavities in your teeth, or to clean them, etc. So you may be very familiar with the working of your dentist. The doctors in this field usually deal with the general problems related to gums and teeth, including gum health, tooth decay, teeth cleaning, tartar, etc.


If you’re in need of orthodontics in Milton Ontario, give us a visit at Alliance Dental!

The orthodontics professionals must complete a particular residency program in orthodontics for two years. During this program, they extensively study how to move jaws and teeth to correct their alignment. Their field deals with serious problems regarding the gums and teeth, like aligning the tips, closing wide gaps between the teeth, and straightening crooked teeth. They also help treat long-term health problems of teeth and gums and improve oral functions like eating or speaking. They also treat traumatic problems like improper bites etc.

So even if the dentists involved in general dentistry are also specialists in their field of work, orthodontists still specialize more precisely to deal with certain serious problems like the alignment of teeth and gums.

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