Tooth extraction. Dentist and patient at the dental office.

Painless Tooth
Extraction Services

Have you ever had a toothache that wouldn’t go away?

It’s frustrating. You’ve tried over-the-counter remedies and even made an appointment to see the dentist, but nothing seems to help.

We hear you. That’s why we offer our patients a solution that can help get rid of their pain: teeth extraction treatment.

What is dental extraction? It’s when we remove a tooth from your mouth using a unique tool that looks like a drill. It takes about 15 minutes and will feel like no more than the tiniest pinch. Afterward, you’ll be able to eat whatever you want, and we mean whatever! However, we recommend taking things slow for the first few days after the procedure so that you don’t cause any damage to your gums or mouth during the healing time.

Visit our family dentist clinic in Milton and avail the best dental extraction care services you need.

The purpose of the procedure is to prevent tooth decay, promote good oral hygiene, and prevent injury to the surrounding tissue. The good news is that there are many options for what type of tooth extraction will work best for your needs.
A dental extraction is usually performed on children between 6 months and five years old; however, older children and adults may also benefit from having a tooth extracted. Teeth removed through dental extraction are often replaced by permanent dental bridges or dentures made of porcelain fused to metal frameworks (such as crowns).

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